Canine dental charts

Powerful & easy to use canine dental charts


Detailed deciduous and adult canine dental charts with full tooth by tooth pathologies and treatments that follow standard AVDC abbreviations and best practice dental procedures.

  • Deciduous & Adult charts
  • Diagnostic support
  • Desktop, laptop and tablet friendly
  • Clinically tested in general practices
  • Standard AVDC abbreviations
  • Gingival illustrations
  • Dental best practice
  • Upload radiographs and photos
  • Cloud storage
  • Easy to use
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Create great looking canine dental charts

Increase client dental health awareness. Make referrals with confidence.


Create canine charts that can be attached to your CRM records. Also great for clients, allowing them to see issues with their pet’s teeth and purchase appropriate home care.

  • Easy to follow canine dental charts
  • See treatments at a glance
  • Client friendly
  • Increase client awareness
  • Generate more dental services
  • Full break down of all teeth issues and treatments
  • Includes everything you need to refer
  • Add notes on medication, chief complaint etc
  • Includes all patient and owner details
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Improve your clinic’s dental practice

Best practice dentals made easy

Canine dental charts designed by registered veterinary dental specialist, Dr David E Clarke, to improve the dental care of pets.

Tested in general practices by vets, nurses and technicians to make it quick and easy to use in any clinic.

Clients really appreciate the printed charts that help improve the uptake of recommendations, treatments and home care.


Canine dental charts help your business

Improve care, grow revenue

Quick and Easy 100%
Best Practice Dental 100%
Improves Care, Service and Revenue 100%
Educational 95%
Compliant 100%

Following clinical best practice improves care and standardizes the way that your clinic conducts a dental examination. Dental pathology is clearly recorded and appropriate treatments can be recommended and completed.

Our clear and easy to understand pathology tool tips are available to educate staff and aid in the correct recognition of canine dental pathology.

The professional printouts are an excellent tool for handing over to discharging staff. The printed dental chart is also a fantastic graphical representation that is easy for pet owners to understand. It will improve the uptake of home care and treatment recommendations.

Providing pet owners with detailed color dental charts, instantly communicates the dental pathologies found and treatments provided, in a professional and tangible manner. The charts provide a professional handover to discharging staff.  Recommendations and home care sections  provide the pet owner with all the information they need to purchase a good diet and oral hygiene products that will improve the dental care of their pet.

Providing detailed tooth reports to referring veterinarians or specialists expedites processes and provides a memorable professional service.

Professional dental care is not just good for the animals under your care. It provides real financial benefits to the clinic.

  • Standardizes processes
  • Improves diagnosis
  • Educates staff
  • Improves billing accuracy
  • Grows staff confidence
  • Increases uptake of  clinical recommendations
  • Improves retail sales
  • Improves communication
  • Reduces risk

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