Intuitive and easy client management.


Having an easy to use charting app is only half the solution. You need an easy way to store and access those charts.

We’ve made the tricky business of storing client records as easy and painless as possible. Enter new client and patient details in one quick step. Find existing client records using a clever search box – it allows you to enter the first few letters of a patient name, client name or even breed. The system will quickly display a list of possible matches allowing you to edit that record in no time at all.

Flexibility when you need it

We’ve designed the system to be as flexible as possible. Don’t have all the client details? No problem – you can still go ahead and create a chart and simply add those details later.

We understand that the day to day running of a practice doesn’t follow the same steps every time. Things go wrong in real life. Staff can be late, schedules can get put behind. So instead of forcing you to follow a strict chart creation procedure – we’ve made it as flexible as we can so you can do your job the way you want to do it.


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