Produce great looking, easy to understand reports.


After completing your examination, you can produce an in-depth report which contains all the information you have collected. This can be filed with your hard records or attached in your CRM software.

The report includes all of the pathologies, treatments and recommended home care. We’ve included a chart key, allowing layman interpretation of the chart, which provides good motivation for the client to follow up on your recommendations.

The report can be easily printed off within the app, so you can give your client the report when they arrive to pick up their pet. The report is structured so that a nurse or technician can easily explain the results, without them having been present at the examination.

Painless referrals

As well as providing information for your client and records for your own practice, the chart reports are professional and very useful when referring the patient onto another veterinarian or specialist.

All client and patient information is included, along with a detailed analysis of each tooth, giving the referred veterinarian all the data they need to start the next stage of treatment.


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