Best practice and the very latest on pathology diagnosis.


Vet Dental Charts has been developed in conjunction with leading Veterinary Dental Specialist, Dr David E. Clarke. The chart recording process follows the latest in best practice dental techniques, including the order in which the records are taken and the most up to date pathologies analysis and treatments.

We’ve included some useful tools to help you make prompt and accurate diagnosis.

The ‘tips’ include photos, diagrams and text to help you discern the tooth issues you may be dealing with.

Tools to make accurate diagnosis

We have provided more visual aids to help you make a correct diagnosis. In this example where you have to grade the level of gingival hyperplasia/hypertrophy on a 104 tooth, you are shown the different levels of advancement allowing you to grade the pathology correctly.


GH 1-4 gingival hyperplasia/hypertrophy

Dr David E Clarke

Dr David E Clarke, BVSc, Diplomate AVDC, Fellow AVD, MACVSc, Registered Specialist Veterinary Dentistry, runs a specialist referral practice in Hallam, Victoria (Hallam Veterinary Clinic) and regularly conducts lectures and workshops in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

He is the owner of K9 Gums – a veterinary dental wholesale company that has been supplying veterinary clinics in Australia, New Zealand and Asia with quality equipment, disposables and materials since 1997.

Dr Clarke also shares his extensive knowledge through the Veterinary Dental Education Centre (VDEC) the home of his free webinar series; information on workshops and seminars and a range of case studies and videos


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