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We’ve designed the charts to be very easy to use. Simply select a tooth using the tooth number or select the tooth directly on the tooth diagram. Then add the pathologies from the comprehensive list provided. Add a treatment or a number of treatments. You can then move on to the next tooth.

When you select a tooth, the tooth is highlighted on the diagram and a side view of the tooth is displayed. This allows easy identification and also allows you to display gingival hyperplasia and gingival recessions in an easy to follow manner.

The pathologies are color coded by discipline to allow quick location and selection. Scale values can be added on a slide tool, or simply typed if you prefer.

View completed charts at a glance.

Once you’ve completed a chart, you can add in any other details such as the attending vet, medication and recommended home care.

You also have the ability to add images,  radiographs or any number of other files, such as scanned in documents or PDF’s.

This view displays the completed chart, with pathologies and treatments clearly labelled, allowing you a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the patient’s teeth.


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