Nothing to install. Automatic back ups.


Vet Dental Charts is a web app, which you use with a web browser, such as Chrome, over an internet connection.

This means that there is nothing to install on your computers. You can access your charts quickly and easily without having to start any bulky applications on your computers.

All of your dental records are automatically backed up and kept safely in the cloud. If something terrible goes wrong with your computers, your records are safe and can be found just as you left them.

Software updates, upgrades and new features added automatically

Updating any software application can be a pain. And a lot more painful if something goes wrong.

We take all the hassle of having to maintain Vet Dental Charts out of your hands. Updates and upgrades are added automatically – so you never have to worry about them. Ever.

We will also add new features and functionality to the app over time. You don’t have to do anything and the next time you login, the features are just there. No fuss, no problem.


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